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The Best Value Dehumidifier in the UK - EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier Enlarged
The Best Value Dehumidifier in the UK - EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier Rear View Ecoair DC12 - A popular compressor dehumidifier The EcoAir DC12 control panel is intelligent enough to inform you of the current humidity level.

The EcoAir DC12 Compact Portable Dehumidifier is just one in a range of great dehumidifying products by EcoAir, it comes in two sizes, the 12L which we have reviewed here and the 18L, which you can find here for an extra £20. This is another dehumidifier where you don’t have to worry about an industrial looking eyesore next to that beautiful vase. You perhaps wouldn’t buy the thing as an ornamental decoration but as an item that’s going to be put to work you certainly won’t mind looking at it. Especially if it’s going to help in getting rid of that mould growing behind the sofa!


  • From the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier you can expect 12 litres of water extraction per day.
  • An LCD control panel to monitor and configure humidity levels in the home.
  • A good running cost at 200 watts.
  • Auto Power.
  • Turns on when humidity rises.
  • Also boasts a timer
  • Auto defrost function.
  • Indicator of when the filter needs cleaning.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • EcoAir have a good reputation for arranging collection and repair.

The EcoAir DC12 is One of the Best Dehumidifiers Around

The level of market entry for the EcoAir DC12 unit as the price suggests, sits between a lower-end (but still excellent) dehumidifier like the Pro Breeze as reviewed here and a PIV unit system such as the Nuaire Drimaster, reviewed here.

The Pro Breeze does a great job at combating a smaller square footage. The Nuaire Drimaster aims to condition and improve the air that you’re breathing throughout the household. The EcoAir DC12 goes further than trying to conquer square footage of perhaps one room. In fact it aims to take on the damp across an entire floor of a house, or a flat/ apartment. Obviously this also means there is no cost for installation attached like you are quite likely to have if you’re fitting a PIV system.

How does the EcoAir DC12 work?

Apart from it’s fancy electronic display that brings the price bracket up a notch. You may be wondering why else it comes in at a higher price point that some of the other dehumidifiers. The machine is what’s known as a refrigerant or compressor dehumidifier. This means a different kind of technology than a lower end dehumidifier.

Inside is a compressor pump, which cools the water condenser plates, which draws in the moisture from the air.

When turned on, the EcoAir DC12 offers two options for getting rid of the water it collects. The first, probably more practical and preferred option is to use the attached tank located at the bottom of the unit. Simply let the water build up, then empty it in the sink as and when it indicates it being full. The other option is to make use of the supplied hose, which plugs in to the dehumidifier and feeds into your sink or drain.

Control Panel

The EcoAir DC12 control panel is intelligent enough to inform you of the current humidity level.The control panel is one of the things that set this dehumidifier apart from the more affordable run of the mill dehumidifier like the Pro Breeze.

At the very top of the panel you will find a display that indicates the humidity levels of the room in percentage. One of the features that we were most excited about. This serves as an excellent reminder of what you should be aiming for (you should be aiming for below 60% humidity). The arrows on either side allow you to set the humidity level that you are aiming for in 5% increments. All you need is a couple of touches on the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ to get it to the perfect level.


Up next is the timer function. Ideal if you’re looking to turn it on whilst you’re leaving the house but are worried about it’s energy consumption. The timers are for 2 hours and 4 hours.

Fan Speeds

Moving across the panel, you will find two arrow icons, this indicates two different fan speeds.

Drain Option

To the right of this, from the top there is an indicator telling you when the unit is full. If you’re not making use of it’s pipe option to drain the water straight from the unit. Below that is the power button.

Laundry Mode

Now to the top right, is the laundry or continuous option. Why exactly this is called the laundry option we’re not completely sure. None the less, this allows you to put the machine in to a continuous mode, overriding the humidity level set on the LCD display. Below this, is the icon that represents when the filter needs a clean, you’ll recognise this when the light next to it is lit. Simply press the big button below to let the machine know that it’s ready to go.

We Asked One of our Team Members to Recount their own Experience with the EcoAir DC12

My own tale for how I came across the more beastly EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier is from living in student accommodation. During my student years, the house in which I was living was an early 3 bedroom 20th century house with high ceilings and sash windows. It would leak a lot of the air from outside. By the end of winter, mould started appearing across the skirting boards and black mould was showing up on the ceiling corners and up the walls. Even the bed sheets felt damp. With a despondent landlord living abroad, the other two tenants were having similar problems in their rooms. The bathroom was also showing signs of damp black mould on window’s sealant. We decided to take action by splitting the cost of a dehumidifier 3 ways.

Identifying the Solution

Our criteria was for a portable dehumidifier, that was going to be powerful enough for the 1st floor of our house. It also needed to be reasonably affordable when split between 3 students. I should note too, that at this point we were desperate.

Living Conditions with Black Mould

At the height of it’s most worst state, it got to a point where my bedroom was nauseating. You were greeted with a light fungal smell and seeing it accumulate so rapidly was even more horrifying. I’d begin to wonder what it was doing to my health.

Of course, I would try cleaning it, even with products that were designed to kill mould. The problem was, and you will know if you’ve ever tried cleaning mould from walls was that wiping it would only spread it. Using the anti-mould spray products would only serve to discolour the paint work. Far from ideal when you have a deposit to get back from your landlord at the end of the year.

Happy Ending

So Enter, the EcoAir DC12 Compact Portable Dehumidifier. You may have expected the story to have a happy ending and it does! Upon receiving the DC12 unit, we were able to firstly establish the severity of our humidity levels within the house. Seeing the humidity level at 85% gave us some satisfaction that this machine held a lot of promise.

Within a couple of days we had seen the condensation on all windows across all 4 rooms including the bathroom completely gone. Even on a cold day of 2 degrees and perhaps most satisfyingly, the dehumidifiers LCD display was now showing 55%! (5% below what is suggested as the maximum).

Our Verdict of the EcoAir DC12

Given our own case study of the EcoAir DC12, you can probably tell that we have a soft spot for it. To give this some context, the story above comes from someone who was struggling with severe mould problems and thought they could solve it with a lower energy machine. The EcoAir DC12 is by no means the most expensive on the market, but it represents a quality solution to a residential environment. The LCD screen showing you the humidity level will give you the assurance that you’re breathing a better quality air. While the build quality speaks for itself. We’re sure that this is a dehumidifier that you will be more than happy with. MR considers it to be the best dehumidifier in the UK.

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