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Since it’s release in 2012 the Nuaire Drimaster has become the go to PIV unit (Positive Input Ventilation).

If you are seeking assurances, then please bear with me. While I summarise to those who have no idea what a PIV system is.

Put simply a Positive Input Ventilation, is a system that is able to pump fresh air in to your living environment. While at the same time forcing out the old stale air that is accumulating and causing condensation. In turn, building up damp which can then cause (but is not limited) mould.

In the case of the Nuaire DriMaster, a ventilation unit is inserted into the loft floor (the ceiling of the top floor in the home). It then extracts fresh air from the natural areas in the loft where air would seep in. As this passes through the Nuaire Drimaster’s fan it is pushed through a filter. Then automatically pumped into the home, Circumventing this new fresh air that is then pushing out the old and possibly harmful air. The purpose of this system is to first and foremost create a better living environment. It does this by removing any pollutants (not just for the cause of removing mould).

To demonstrate it’s purpose as more than just an anti-mould item. Imagine living near factories or even a busy road. One would expect to have more polluted air than most so you could expect the Nuaire Drimaster to significantly improve the air you breathe in the home.

Does a PIV unit actually work?

Loft space for PIV Unit installation.

Now that we’re all on the same page, you might well ask does a PIV unit actually work? To make it clear, I do not own the Nuaire Drimaster. I have heard many glowing reviews both online, from friends and acquaintances. One has claimed that after just days their nightmare of constant streaming windows had come to an end.

Of course, the only way you can believe a product’s quality is by trying it for yourself or by reading a vast number of reviews/recommendations which is why I would point you in the direction of Amazon’s customer reviews of the product, scoring a very impressive 4.9 stars on average, with the single lowest score getting 3 stars.

Installation and Maintenance

It has been suggested that there’s no reason why you can’t install this unit for yourself. As it comes with an install guide. However, I would not advise this without building and electrician qualifications as a powerpoint in your loft will be essential. You’re also likely to see warnings in the install guide to the tune of “risk of death”.

If you are confident of fitting a PIV Unit yourself, then check out this excellent detailed video on how to do so.

As far as maintenance goes, the main thing to note are the filters, which require replacing around every 5 years.


What can I expect from the Nuaire Drimaster?

Air ventilation systems, such as this one are common place in commercial buildings. So you can expect something very similar that requires less power.

This particular model also comes with heat control. So that you can adjust the temperature of the air in those cold wintery months. Just as you would with an air conditioning unit.

So, how exactly would I rank this piece of machinery?

This product is in a league of it’s own. After paying a slightly bigger fee than a standard dehumidifier and some time in installation, you will reap the rewards. It will stop mould from ever growing on your walls and you will be breathing the freshest air possible. This is the king of mould busting and not just for one room but the entire house.

If you have damp and humidity problems all over the house or are just determined to improve your lifestyle and air you’re breathing. Then the Nuaire Drimaster is undoubtedly for you.

For further details on Nuaire’s range of PIV units please see the Nuaire website.

Update 30/01/2017 

Check out how the Nuaire Drimaster can have a positive effect on asthma sufferers here.

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