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The HG Mould Spray is the eagerly awaited mould removing product that we’ve been waiting to get our hands on. Yes, we realise how sad that sounds. However, after trying out Astonish’s mould spray last week we wanted to find out why there was such a contrast in the number of reviews between the two products.

It’s purpose and function is the same as that of Astonish’s mould spray. To “Effectively” remove all mould black stains caused by mould.

So, the plan was to test the product in the same way as we did with the Astonish product (you can see the review here). By covering the affected area with a generous spray at the start of the day. Then checking on it at the end of the day (around 5pm). In this case the affected area was on the window sill.

To recap, it was the third day with the Astonish Mould Spray that the spray had completely eradicated any mould. We were highly impressed and couldn’t see how this could be topped by the so-called superior HG Mould Spray. However, The HG Mould Spray took just one day to send the window’s sealant back to it’s original colour. We were stunned.

Although we were happy with seeing results after three days from spraying and leaving the fluid to work it’s magic. Seeing the same result with the same technique two days earlier left us back tracking on our claim that nothing could top the previous mould spray.

Update 26th February 2017

At the time of writing this review, we were disappointed to not be able to include any photographic evidence of our findings in order to show you exactly how effective this mould spray is. The problem was, that with our headquarters being so mould free due to all the dehumidifiers we have laying around, we weren’t able to provide any pics.

Luckily, a friend of Mould Removing came through and supplied us with some before and after photos of their bathroom window sill that had been taken over by black mould eating away at the sealant. Just look at the difference, good as new!









At the time of writing the price difference between the HG Mould Spray and Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover stands at £1.78. The HG Mould Spray does also contain 250ml less than it’s rival. So the burning question is, is it worth it over the cheaper option? We have to say, absolutely. It was easy to see why this product was the stand out best seller on Amazon. With customer reviews leaving the competition in it’s wake.

The speed of how quick it acts makes it well worth the extra pennies.


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