Why is a PIV Unit Especially Good for Asthma Sufferers?

28th January 2017

Inhaler for asthma

When thinking of home improvements, you probably don’t consider how you can benefit your health at the same time. With a PIV Unit (What is a PIV Unit?), your health is really at the forefront of this investment. This blog post is going to answer why a PIV unit for asthma suffering is so important and how you can decide if it’s your best option.

While it will stop damage to your home caused by the damp and mould that is growing up the walls. Never a pretty sight. The greatest benefit you may see come from the PIV unit, is an improvement to your health.

Why is the PIV unit for Asthma Sufferers?

With the PIV unit, you can flush out old and stale air. Which in turn breeds mould spores in the cold damp areas of your home, creating allergens most susceptible to asthma sufferers.

If you are a terribly bad asthma sufferer and regularly find yourself having attacks at home, the likelihood of these mould spores in your home is highly likely. This will trigger asthma and should be investigated immediately.

The areas that are impacted around your home may not even be in your line of sight, so be sure to consult a specialist. They will be able to do a thorough inspection on where your home’s weaknesses are for damp. Then be able to assess whether a PIV unit is for you.

If you have cavity walls that are badly effected all over the house then this would demonstrate a strong cause for a PIV unit like the Nuaire Drimaster. If you have a situation where just the room that you sleep in is effected, then your specialist may advise on damp proof course which will prevent the rising damp in the trouble area.

Are you saying it is just extreme asthma sufferers who will benefit from a PIV Unit?

Allergens caused by mould can be stopped with a PIV unit for asthma.Certainly not. Whether you’re an asthma sufferer or not, you will benefit. We are growing more conscious of the quality of air that we breathe in our every day lives. With more focus on studies that have stemmed from global warming and climate change.

It’s clear that our environment’s air is more toxic than ever. My belief is that PIV units will become a more common household fixture within the next 10 to 20 years. As a new trend will see people take a bigger interest in the air they breathe.

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