Bag Moisture Absorbers – 1KG x 2

Bag Moisture Absorber - The Best Car Dehumidifiers Enlarged
Bag Moisture Absorber - The Best Car Dehumidifiers

The bag moisture absorbers by Seal Products Damp Eater offer an effective way of reducing moisture in small dark areas. A current best seller for Amazon. Very simple in both appearance and function they contain the widely known silica gel. That’s right. The little sachets of “DO NOT EAT” that you found in the box with your new pair of trainers last month. It’s the same material on a larger scale.

To put these two brilliant little sacks to work all you do is chuck them in the offending area, causing the problem. Once it has absorbed it’s maximum capacity of an impressive 800g it will need “recharging”. Now this is the interesting bit. To do this, simply keep an eye on the colour of the gel through the bag until it changes colour. To recharge, simply pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re good to go!

The bag moisture absorbers are an ideal way to get rid of any damp you might have in any cold dark corners of your home. Perhaps a wardrobe or behind the sofa.

Why Choose these over a dehumidifier or another anti-mould product?

Think of the bag moisture absorbers as you would the ordinary pots that you would get around the home (like these) but without the worry of them sliding around and sloshing the water around which is what makes them the most perfect solution for cars with damp interiors and this is where the manufacturers see the moisture absorber bag’s selling point, on your dash board or the rear window, clearing the excess condensation.

If you’re looking for a slightly more commanding dehumidifier for a bedroom for instance. I recommend checking out my review for the Pro Breeze. The next up from a non electric powered dehumidifier and recommended for windows getting a lot of condensation.


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