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Welcome to the website all about how to get rid of mould.

Before you chuckle it off and consider it not to be one of the bigger problems of your day to day life, mould is a bigger problem than the large black stain it may be leaving on your wall. By experts, mould is considered lethal and detrimental to both your short term and long term health.

Stachybotrys (Black Mould)

There are thousands of different types of mould, but the one considered most dangerous is Stachybotrys. A black and slimy type of mould who’s damaging properties can exist in any other mould.

These damaging properties can most seriously include respiratory problems, and damage to internal organs and this is probably enough to make you ask..


Throughout my childhood growing up in the South West of England I was blissfully unaware of the severity of mould occurring so commonly in the home. As I moved out and went to University mould spores would become a regular fitting in each of my new homes. The conditions always seemed to be perfect as I would later find mould damaging the paint work on the walls and causing respiratory damage to myself. From that point, I have found myself in a flurry of buying all kinds of dehumidifying equipment, mould cleaners and any other anti-mould product you can think up! Alongside studying how to keep mould at bay.

How do I get rid of mould?

This website is to share what I have learned, in order to hopefully save you the pain I have gone through with time and money spent in order to remediate mould. I’ll be offering tips and reviews on how to prevent and remove mould successfully, dispelling of any myths out there and best of all keeping you in the know about what the best products on the market are from dehumidifiers like the EcoAir DC12 to the Nuaire Drimaster PIV unit.

- Dan Smith (founder)

EcoAir Dehumidifiers


Best Sellers

HG Mould Spray

The HG Mould Spray is the eagerly awaited mould removing product that we've been waiting to get our hands on. Yes, we realise how sad that sounds. However, after trying…


Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier- 20L Meaco Dehumidifier Review

The Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier is the pinnacle of Meaco's sizeable domestic variety. Unlike many other dehumidifiers in its class, the Meaco 20L operates at only 255kW of power every hour.…

Front view of the EcoAir DD122FW MK5

The Popular Eco Air DD122fw mk5

The Eco Air DD122fw is one of the lightest and quietest desiccant dehumidifiers on the market. The ‘Classic’ in the title assures that this model has become the standard for which…

Nuaire Drimaster out of box

Nuaire Drimaster PIV Unit

Since it's release in 2012 the Nuaire Drimaster has become the go to PIV unit (Positive Input Ventilation). If you are seeking assurances, then please bear with me. While I summarise to…

The Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

One of my favourite and most affordable products to recommend to anyone trying to keep their mould crisis under control. Is the Pro Breeze dehumidifier. Having bought numerous dehumidifiers in…

The Unibond Aero 360 Dehumidifier Out of it's packaging

Unibond Dehumidifier (UniBond Aero 360)

Here is another of Amazon's best sellers, the Unibond dehumidifier, or more formally known as the Unibond Aero 360. It is the UniBond Dehumidifier, and it is probably the dehumidifier…


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Dandelion to represent spores.

How to Get Rid of Mould with Bleach

Can I Get Rid of Mould With Bleach? The answer is yes. The chlorine in bleach, is what makes it so effective at killing mould. You might choose to use bleach instead of a bottle of spray like the recommended HG Mould Spray or Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover. The reason for this, is that you might…

Allergens caused by mould

How to Treat and Remove Mould with Mould Spray

You may be wondering how effective mould spray really is when it comes to removing the furry stuff from your walls. The answer is, that you could be fighting a losing battle. If you're looking to remove mould then ultimately, a mould spray may not be enough. If humidity levels in your home are too…

Inhaler for asthma

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