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The Pro Breeze Dehumidifier Pro Breeze dehumidifier with tank popped out. Pro Breeze 500ml portable - sat on desktop

One of my favourite and most affordable products to recommend to anyone trying to keep their mould crisis under control. Is the Pro Breeze dehumidifier.

Having bought numerous dehumidifiers in my time. Here is one that really does tick all of the boxes. Before we get in to more technical spec, here’s what you’ll find from it that you won’t find from others at this price range.

  • Excellent and firm build quality.
  • Does not leak!
  • Makes only a small humming sound. Which shouldn’t keep you awake if you’re planning on controlling the humidity of the room that you’re sleeping in.
  • Automatic turn off, saving on energy.
  • It doesn’t look like a complete eyesore, thus bringing down the style of your home.

What’s the suitable room and room size for the Pro Breeze?

This little unit stores up to 500ml of water at a time. At this point, the automatic shut off kicks in. So I would very much advise on using this for a room ranging from small to medium. Ideal candidates could be a small bedroom, conservatory or even bathroom. Of course it will vary on humidity levels but I normally expect to have to empty this unit once every couple of days.

I mention that the unit is little, it stands at just 18cm wide and 28cm tall.

A Cheap Dehumidifier but with all of the robust quality.

I have spent plenty of money on a few different dehumidifiers in the past. What I have found is that there are a lot of cheaply made products imported from China. Rather than a solid plastic unit, these cheaper and inferior dehumidifiers have a hollow shell. Usually the electronic components are hanging unconvincingly from the top over the tray of water that the device collects. Yes, that’s right… some what hazardous.

From the moment you unpack this item you get the feeling it’s built to last. My one has easily been running almost every day for over the past year. The noise that you will hear coming from it is as minimal as you’re likely to get from any dehumidifier of this size, with the sound comparable to a ticking clock.

Style that you can’t go wrong with

Ultimately, a dehumidifier that is going to assist in clearing damp and mould off of your walls is always going to win you over. But the bottom line is, dehumidifiers are notorious for being big ugly industrial looking machines that you don’t want. This model may not win any awards for fashion, but if you were to scour the Amazon market place you would find the Pro Breeze to be one of the better looking dehumidifiers and not only this but the unit is so compact that tucking it behind the curtain or sliding it around the back of the sofa you could say is.. well.. a Pro Breeze!


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