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It has been many years since the DeLonghi Dehumidifier DEM10 has hit the market, but it remains a high-rated and popular option for people looking to lower the humidity levels of their home.  When searching for a solution to the humidity issues in your home, due to cooking, laundry, shower and more, the DeLonghi Dehumidifier Dem10 is sure to please with its high-efficiency capabilities and compact dimensions.

This portable dehumidifier is ideal for small homes or apartments and features a 10L per 24-hour extraction rate.  Complete with a 2L tank, this unit also features a permanent drain facility and washable dust filter.  The compact size, which comes with a pull-up handle, makes it completely portable for easy use anywhere in the house.  Let’s take a look at the features this unit offers and why it continues to sell so successfully on the market.


  • 2L tank
  • Can extract 10L of moisture for every 24-hours
  • Permanent Drain Facility
  • Washable Dust Filter
  • Electronic anti-frost setting allowing use down to 2°C
  • 2-year warranty
  • Low-Level Noise

DeLonghi Dehumidifier DEM10 Overview

The Delonghi DEM10 is a no thrills unit yet highly effective.

This DeLonghi Dehumidifier DEM10 is a great, no-frills, basic unit that really meets anyone’s needs and does it well.  This basic dehumidifier is going to extract up to 10L of moisture per 24-hour period.   You would think that a unit which can pull that much moisture would hurt your energy usage, but that’s not true.  The humidistat not only allows you to set the gauges to your comfortability, but they also reduce your energy consumption.

You can see the performance through the transparent tank and this could even dry your wet clothing as I’ll touch on a little later.  This is a fabulous unit to use in multiple rooms as it only weighs 10kg and stands just 42cm high, making it easy to tote around the home.  In fact, the built-in carrying handle is another reason it is so easy to transport.

Sound Levels

For the basicness of the DeLonghi Dehumidifier DEM10, I was amazed to see the many positive reviews regarding the noise level.  The sound level has been compared to the humming of a refrigerator and many people can sleep with this unit right inside their bedrooms without being woken by noise.  This isn’t true with many models on the market today.

Easy Cleaning

The washable filter can be rinsed under water for about 5 seconds to get it clean.  Because this filter is made out of plastic and not from cloth or paper, it is going to last longer and be more durable than those of other dehumidifiers.  Keep in mind that there is no antibacterial filter or ionizer with the setup.

If emptying the tank isn’t something you desire to do on a regular basis, and you don’t need the portability option, use the continuous drain function instead.  To accomplish this, you’ll have to be nearby to a sink, but this makes your life easier since you’ll no longer have the need to empty the tank.  In addition, all the supplies you need to get this setup are provided for you with the unit itself so you don’t have to purchase any more hardware.

Humidistat Controls

This control panel of the DeLonghi Dehumidifier DEM10 is pretty basic and only features one moving dial.  If turned all the way clockwise, you’ll have it on a continuous function, but this unit doesn’t have to run continuously at all times.  The built-in humidistat allows you to set the relative humidity you desire in your household.  When it achieves your desired humidity, the sensor will shut it down until it is needed again.  You can set the controls to run all the time or scale it back a notch for an energy saving mode.  You aren’t going to find fancy controls on this model because it was designed to be just a basic dehumidifier.

There are times, however, that having a continuous mode is a great option.  For example, when you want to dry your laundry or need to accomplish other tasks such as drying paint, this would be the perfect setting to use.

When looking at the controls, you’ll also notice that there isn’t anywhere to control fan speed.  While you can control the level of humidity in the room, you will have no control over how fast that is accomplished.

The other thing you’ll notice is that there isn’t a timer on the unit.  With just the basic functions, this is the perfect model for someone without a lot of technical knowledge as the controls make it simple to use.  I can’t see too many people needing an instruction manual to get this running.

Re-Purposing Water

There is yet another great feature to having this unit in your home!  The DEM10 uses ecological gas R134a so it is safe for the environment.  In addition, the DeLonghi collects demineralised water which is perfect for reusing in items such as your steam iron.

Other Features

This unit features even more!  The top mounted control panel is easy to use and even includes a cover for added safety.  There is also an anti-frost setting for cooler temperatures and it features a 2L tank which is a standard size for a machine comparable to this.  When the tank is full, a menu light will turn out to alert you.  In addition, the unit will stop working to prevent from any overflowing.

If you like the added assurance of a warranty, you’ll be pleased to know that this comes complete with a 2-year warranty.  That is a nice backing for anything that could go wrong.


If you are looking for a basic model, this is a top pick.  The fact that this unit has been around for many years, tells us that the DeLonghi Dehumidifier DEM10 makes many people happy and will provide for every basic household need.  The low noise and options to control the humidity levels make this a very good value for the money.  In addition, the light-weight and handle make this ideal for transporting throughout the house and achieving your perfect humidity levels anywhere.  If you are in need of a unit that has a higher capacity, you might want to check out the DeLonghi Dehumidifier Compact DES12 instead.


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