How to Get Rid of Mould on Walls With Mould Spray Today

2nd February 2017

Allergens caused by mould

If you’re trying to get rid of mould on walls with mould spray then you may want to soak up some of our top tips!

If you’re looking to get rid of mould on walls with mould spray then ultimately, a mould spray may not be enough. If humidity levels in your home are too high, and you have a situation where condensation is constantly building up on your windows. Then it could be time to call in the experts.

Of course there are a number of excellent solutions right here on One of our most highly reported solutions has been the Nuaire Drimaster PIV unit. And the cheaper, quicker to set-up alternative, the EcoAir DC12. But we want answers for what to do if the mould has already made it’s way on to your bedroom walls, and we want to get rid of it now.

Mould Spray and Bleach.

The two that I have used the most, come highly rated directly from Amazon. The ‘Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover’ and the ‘HG Mould Spray’. The latter is listed as an Amazon ‘Best Seller’. My view is that both work excellently. They are advertised mainly for hard surfaces and don’t really try to promote painted walls.

The real problem areas that these products are trying to target are surfaces like glass, tiles and the rubber sealant that is starting to rot around your bath. However it will be effective on walls. Just be sure to go careful as rubbing it on a painted surface is likely to ruin the paint work. Be careful with how much you use at a time. These substances contain very strong bleach that give off strong odours. These will likely make you nauseous and even give you a headache alongside perhaps worse side effects. So be sure to clear the room!

The question “Does bleach remove mould?”  has often seemed to be misconceived as a myth. The answer though, is yes. It does kill mould and in a similar fashion to the two mould sprays listed above. You can obviously expect it to be slightly less effective though as it’s lacking a couple of the crucial mould killing ingredients.

 More Serious Cases of  Mould Removing (Stachybotrys)

How to Get rid of Mould on Walls with Mould Spray. The picture shows Stachybotrys mould which should not be attempted to be removed without seeking professional advice.When large quantities of mould are found, you need to first consider two things. How much is there, in terms of how easily are the spores from the mould likely to spread once you disrupt the concentrated area. Then consider if it is a job that is best left to a professional.

If you have discovered Stachybotrys mould, then you should not under any circumstances try removing this yourself. This will most certainly give off a deadly amount of toxins.

One final thing to note. You should never be afraid to contact your landlord about the mould problems that persist in your home. It is a serious breach on your living conditions and should not be taken lightly. Be sure that they take the necessary measures to keep mould out of your home before the need to remove mould arrives.

Tips and Tricks, so That you can get rid of Mould on Walls Without Spending a Penny.

So we’ve already covered the regular household bleach option, that you can use and this can be very effective.

Another item that you can use from finding laying around the house for your very own homemade mould spray is white distilled vinegar. Put this in to an empty bottle with a spray nozzle and you’re ready to go! Just spray on the surface and leave for an hour before wiping with a cloth. Bare in mind that these sprays may only kill mould on the surface. But catch it early enough and you may have seen the back of it.

The next tip is more of a life tip. If you see some water streaming down the windows, or off of those pipes behind the toilet. Wipe it up. Every little helps when it comes to getting rid of mould, the trick is to stop it in it’s tracks by killing it early enough.

If you have any more tips for how get rid of mould on walls with mould spray or other household items, then please get in touch at dan(at)

Update 15/02/2017

We have now reviewed Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover.

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