How to Clean Kitchen Hood Filter

10th October 2017

Steam from hob being absorbed by kitchen hood filter

A clogged kitchen hood filter can create excess humidity in your home just like after taking a bath. It is important to learn how to clean kitchen hood filter properly so that you can reduce the amount of humidity in your home.

This simple maintenance task only takes a few minutes and will make an immense difference in the amount of moisture in your home.

Why Else Do I Need to Know About How to Clean Kitchen Hood Filter

Aside from reducing humidity levels, there are other reasons it would be important to clean your hood filters. Here are some of the most important reasons to clean your filters on a regular basis.

  • Clean filters will improve the power efficiency.
  • Filters that are functioning properly will be more able to reduce grease and smoke from the kitchen.
  • Filters that are clean will extend the life of the blower.
  • Once you’ve began cleaning on a regular basis, keeping them clean will take a lot less work.
  • Having clean filters is essential for the safety of your kitchen and home.

Ingredients to Prepare

  • Boiling hot water
  • Dish soap that is capable of removing grease – we recommend Dawn
  • Non-abrasive scrub brush
  • Dishcloth
  • Baking soda

Action Steps on How to Clean Kitchen Hood Filter

Start by removing the filters from the hood. This should be easy to accomplish by sliding or popping them out from the underside of the hood.

Fill your bucket or kitchen sink with the boiling hot water you’ve prepared. The hotter you can get it, the better it will clean. If the water from your faucet isn’t hot enough consider boiling some in a tea kettle before cleaning.

Pour in a squirt of dish soap and about ¼-cup of baking soda into the hot water. You can mix this well with a brush; just remember not to use your hand as the water is hot. Keep mixing until the water is soapy.

Place your dirty hood filters into the water mixture. Be sure that it is completely submerged underneath the surface. Allow these filters to soak for at least 10 minutes.

Scrubbing brush used to scrub kitchen hood filter

When the filter has finished soaking, it is time to scrub it well. Use the non-abrasive brush to remove any grime from the filter. If you need more soap, you can apply it directly on the brush or filter.

Take the time to rinse the filter properly. Use hot water and make sure you completely dry it with the clean cloth.

If the filter is beyond cleaning, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new one. Place your filter back into the hood and repeat as often as needed. A general rule of thumb is to clean the filters once a month.


Taking the time to clean your hood filters may seem like a waste, but looking at all the benefits tells a different story. Reduce the moisture in your home, improve the efficiency in the kitchen and keep your home safe with just a few simple steps monthly.

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