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The Best Value Dehumidifier in the UK - EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Enlarged
The Best Value Dehumidifier in the UK - EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Rear view of the EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Diagram of how the EcoAir DD122FW MK5 works. The EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Carry Handle

The EcoAir DD122fw is one of the lightest and quietest desiccant dehumidifiers on the market. The ‘Classic’ in the title assures that this model has become the standard for which EcoAir dehumidifiers will be based. It is energy efficient and easy to programme to tackle specific damp conditions. The Classic EcoAir dehumidifier can be placed anywhere around the home without it feeling imposing in size or style.


Features you can expect from the EcoAir DD122fw:

  • Attractive design
  • Efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Visible water level indicator
  • Built-in ioniser
  • Nano silver filter
  • E7 Technology control panel
  • 3D Louvre
  • Anti-tilt
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

EcoAir dehumidifier: EcoAir DD122fw Overview

I must first mention that the Classic MK5 is an improvement on the popular and earlier D122FW model. The most distinguishable features EcoAir have added are the E7 Technology and the 3D Louvre (I will explain the tech later in the review). EcoAir claims the Classic has a power consumption of 360 watts in ‘Economy’ mode and 612 watts in ‘High’ mode. Unless you are targeting a specific damp condition continuously, it will probably consume the daily rate of 360 watts. The device will automatically switch off when the desired level of humidity is achieved.

Noise level

The Classic MK5 operates smoothly with a noise output of only 34 dB. This is arguably one of the quietest dehumidifiers around. To give you an idea of how quiet this is, it’s about 4 dB louder than a whisper. Some Amazon reviewers have said that they can fall asleep with the Classic on in a bedroom. The lack of a compressor means less noise, but note the noise level will rise when the fan speed increases. However, the sound is at a constant so it will eventually blend into the background.


The Classic MK5 extracts a maximum capacity of 7 litres of moisture per day in ‘High’ mode. If you are running your device in this mode continuously, then you could make use of the continuous drain option. Attach the supplied 1 metre hose into the back of the device and the tail end into a sink or drain.  During moderate usage the device will likely extract 3 1/2 litres of moisture per day. The water tank has a 2 litre maximum capacity with auto shutoff when full or if the device accidentally tips over. The 2 litre tank capacity is smaller than most dehumidifiers. Therefore, you will need to empty it twice a day if using continuously. When tackling severe damp conditions it is probably best to opt for a larger tank capacity. Mould Removing has a review on the EcoAir DC12 which is a good alternative.

Emptying the water tank is a cinch! Simply slide the tank out from the side of the device. The tank has a lid and there is a pop-up handle inside to allow carrying it without the fret of spillage. EcoAir recommends allowing the dehumidifier to stand for 10 minutes before removing the tank. This will ensure the collected water drips into the tank and not into the base of the device where it could cause damage.

Desiccant or Refrigerant EcoAir Dehumidifier?

As this is a desiccant dehumidifier it will work more efficiently in lower temperatures between 1 – 40°C. This is a factor to consider when deciding which type of dehumidifier is right for your needs. EcoAir dehumidifiers come in desiccant and refrigerant models. Desiccants will use more power, but the tradeoff is it will blow out slightly warmer air, enabling you to turn down the central heating. If you are drying laundry, you can place the desiccant nearby and the warm air will blow over the clothes to dry them quicker. Furthermore, the Classic MK5 can help to dry damp air and surfaces faster than a refrigerant.

In a warmer environment, say above 16°C, a refrigerant dehumidifier might be more beneficial. The DC12 will use less power than the Classic MK5 because you have the option of selecting the precise humidity level. This will prevent the unit running for longer or at higher settings. The DC12 has an LCD screen that will show you the precise humidity in percentages. The downside is it’s not as quiet as the Classic MK5 because it has a compressor pump which cools the water condenser plates. This also makes it a heavier unit at 11 kg; nevertheless, this is a popular dehumidifier. So, you decide!  To help you out, I have included the EcoAir DC12 user manual so you can view its features.

E7 Control panel and 3D Louvre

Eco Air DD122fw - Control PanelThe E7 control panel is comprehensive but simple to use once you know how. It manages power, temperature and humidity and thus has a lower energy footprint than other desiccant models. The built-in auto sensor does this by detecting temperature and humidity levels and will toggle between the settings in ‘Dry’ mode (2). In this section, I will explain what each button does and what each light indicates. 

The buttons are labeled as they appear on the control panel from right to left:

  1. The power button
  2. The ‘Dry’ mode which has three settings, ‘Auto,’ ‘Economy’ (50 – 60%RH) and ‘High’ (40 – 50%RH)
  3. The button with a T-shirt icon is ‘Laundry’ mode, it has two settings ‘Normal’ and ‘Turbo’
  4. 3D Louvre has three air flow settings to adjust the direction of the air output — ‘Up,’ ‘Front’ and ‘Wide’
  5. The ‘Timer’ key allows you to select 2, 4 or 8 hour running times
  6. The ‘Ioniser’ key can be selected to purify the air and is useful for those suffering from allergens such as asthma or hay fever
  7. The ‘Check Indicator’ light detects any errors with the device and is above and to the right of the ‘Ioniser’ key
  8. The ‘Water Full Indicator,’ above and on the left, will flash when the tank is full.

The 3D Louvre Technology can be rotated to the ‘Wide’ position to channel a wider distribution of air flow. The ‘Spot’ position channels a narrow flow of air to pinpoint damp or mould growth.

The E7 control panel’s intuitive algorithms know when to toggle the EcoAir dehumidifier if the air gets to dry. To get to grips with the full functions of the Classic MK5, you can view the user manual.

Like most dehumidifiers, the Classic has a silver filter that traps and kills airborne particles. In every day usage I would recommend changing the filter once or twice a year depending on its condition. To prolong the life of the filter, clean gently once a week with a brush or vacuum nozzle.

Box contains:

  • 1x EcoAir EcoAir DD122fw dehumidifier
  • 1x 1 metre continuous drainage pipe


If you’re looking for a reliable desiccant dehumidifier then the EcoAir dehumidifier EcoAir DD122fw is a stellar option. It has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon for good reason. It’s lightweight and compact making it handy for large homes and small spaces. The ‘Over-drying’ function and ‘Anti-tilt’ are good additions especially if you have young children and pets at home. Although this device’s ability to optimise energy efficiently via its E7 technology is what really sets it apart from other desiccants.


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