The Solution to Polluted Air in the Home

14th February 2017

We often hear about what it’s doing to us on a global scale. With of course global warming being given more exposure than ever, but rarely do we hear about the environmental problems that exist in our own back yard, or even living room. This week, we caught up with one of our researchers about how the state of the planet’s pollution may be affecting us more directly. And what are their thoughts on PIV units like the Nuaire Drimaster.

Do you live in an area where you have factories nearby?

How about an apartment building with windows opening on a busy road?

Do you ever wonder about the quality of air you’re breathing in, in the places that you’re spending most of your time?

Our planet is not deemed safe anymore. After all the science fictional suggestions, it is becoming increasingly likely that as we saw in the movie Interstellar, our planet is becoming increasingly less habitable. We are living in an increasingly harmful environment and this is now strongly backed up by scientific research.

We are talking about air pollution. Air pollution is caused when harmful gases and solids remain suspended in the air and mix with the air we breathe, reducing the amount of oxygen which is needed for us for healthy breathing.

In times like these, we are supposed to take care of our surroundings and cater to our environment. But on such a large scale, this is a long work in progress to produce a significant change. However, what we can do on a smaller scale for at least ourselves and our loved ones is take care of our significant surroundings such as our homes.

Welcome the solution, the Nuaire Drimaster

The Nuaire Drimaster PIV unit (Positive Input Ventilation) is a revolutionary solution. A very cost effective and low on energy ventilation unit that can easily fit into the loft in your house. It will seep air and filter it to provide you with fresher air to breath and continue the cycle of pushing out the potentially harmful air and replacing it with a much better, healthier air. It will also help you to remove dense, polluted air that can cause mould growth and stream windows.

Air ventilation systems are very common in buildings whether commercial or residential. Products such as ventilation ceilings or exhaust fans serve the purpose of just removing bad air. They don’t replace it with fresh air or make the environment better. Therefore, Nuaire Drimaster has an advanced hand over them as it not only removes the bad air but replaces it with newer, fresher air. This directly stops pollutants from harming the environment again as well as putting a stop to mould growth.

The Nuaire Drimaster also comes in two different models:

Drimaster Eco


The two ranges fulfil the requirements of two different types of living spaces i.e. basic household properties and apartments.

I would suggest that in a world full of doubts about what you consider to be a healthy lifestyle. Be sure of at least one aspect of your life. The air you breathe. Introduce this better living technology to the people you care about. Install it in your own homes and take in a deep, clean, fresh sigh of relief!

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